Customer satisfaction, customer appreciation... 
				and a desire to visit again

				In today's world, a hospital's competitiveness is decided by the quality of medical care provided, the spectrum of medical facilities, and most importantly, patient satisfaction.
				Based on this belief, the staff members of Chonnam National University Hospital have been welcoming its patients with a warm and friendly smile. Patient guidance by hospital staff members, morning greetings by the hospital chairman, and the 'First-visit' sticker campaign are all part of a concentrated effort to provide the best experience for visiting patients.

				Convenient medical treatment; A 'smart hospital'

				The nation's first smart mobile hospital
				The Chonnam National University Hospital was the nation's first hospital to provide smart mobile services to its patients. These services include basic medical information, facility information, hospital navigation, hospital reception and treatment Guides. 
				Patients can enjoy these services either by visiting our mobile website ( or by downloading our mobile application.

				Cooperation with leading medical facilities; Becoming a research-oriented hospital

				The Chonnam National University Hospital is making a concentrated effort to promote the health of local residents and to make medical advancements, by becoming a world leader in medical research.

				The hospital has recently expanded the professor laboratories (5th building) and the Biomedical Research Institute (3rd building) in order to provide the perfect environment for medical research. This newly created environment will serve as an even better foundation for collaborative work with various world-leading medical research centers, which include countries such as Great Britain, Germany and the United States.

				A Pleasant environment; The Zero-defect surgical system

				Renovation of the surgical rooms

				The CNU hospital has recently expanded the number of its surgical rooms to 17 (previously 14), allowing patients to receive even quicker medical care. Surgical equipment and supplies are now stored in built-in shelves, making the environment of the surgical rooms even more pleasant than before. Previous equipment have been newly replaced with state-of-the art surgical lamps, tables and Ceiling Pendant Systems, laying the foundations for a zero-defect surgical system. In addition, the surgical rooms have been relocated in order to allow efficient patient traffic.

					Generation of healthy energy, through music, art and performances

					The Chonnam National University Hospital has built in a cultural area for various art exhibitions and musical concerts, in order help patients experience emotional stability.

					Patients will be able to go through the various works of famous artists, and will also be able to enjoy many different musical concerts. In addition, media art of famous artists have been installed on to the lobby walls in order to generate a even warmer hospital image. Patients can also find the rooftop garden with granite stones and wooden decks, as a place of rest.