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We'd like to extend our hearty welcome to all of you visiting Chonnam National University Hospital homepage.

The Chonnam National University Hospital has tried our best for the development of medicine in the country and the health improvement of local residents, with over 100 years of tradition from the early age of Korea's modern medicine up to the present since the foundation of Gwangju Jahye Clinic in 1910.
Chonnam National University Hospital has grown into one of the best national university hospitals of the country in the core areas of medical service, research, and education, and served as a true patient-oriented hospital with the continuous love and support of local residents.
Now, Chonnam National University Hospital is reforming into a smart hospital with easy, fast, and convenient medical services, and kind information and instruction that impress patients and guide their re-visit.
For these purposes, we secured a brighter and more comfortable medical space through extension and alteration of the buildings in 33 years and also equipped with advanced medical instruments and information system. Now, you can have information on medical service appointment, medical service process or clinic finding through a smart phone. Through the homepage, you can make an appointment for medical services and also freely use various contents such as health counseling, medical information, and specialized center information.
In addition, the hospital is transformed into a medical environment of true healing not only for simple medical treatment but also for relieving stress and promoting stability of the body and the mind by providing, for instance, small concerts or art exhibitions.
Chonnam National University Hospital have a complete multi-hospital system including the Main Hospital, Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital, Chonnam National University Dental Hospital, and several specialized centers such as rheumatoid & degenerative arthritis center, and have concentrated on professional treatment for diseases.
We have concluded agreements with renowned overseas universities or medical institutions in USA, UK, and Germany to promote advanced medical research, and tried our bests day and night in researches with domestic research institutes, such as GIST, or pharmaceutical companies for the development of new medical technology.
Also, we are not negligent in volunteer medical services of the best quality in domestic and foreign areas far away from medical services such as Haiti, Bangladesh, and domestic island areas.
In the future, Chonnam National University Hospital will try its best to lead the medical development of the country, to promote and maintain the health of local residents, and to realize healthy and happy society through the devotion on research, medical services, and education with creative mind and challenge spirit.
Thank you.

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