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Colorectal Surgery

Telephone Guide :   foreign 062) 220-6488 
    The Division of Colorectal Surgery consists of 3 clinics: colorectal cancer, anal disorders, and anal trauma. In the Colorectal Cancer Clinic, diagnosis and treatment for colon cancer and rectal cancer that have been greatly increased in these days are performed. In the Anal Disorders Clinic, diagnosis and treatment for benign anal disorders such as hemorrhoid, anal fistula, anal fissure, and proctoptosis are performed using anorectal ultrasound, anorectal manometry, defecography. In the Anal Trauma Clinic, treatments for perineal laceration with anal sphincter injury during delivery and for anorectal injury by trauma are performed.

    Outpatient: 062)220-6488
    Staff Office: 062)220-6456
    Fax: 062)227-1635
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