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Vascular and Transplantation Surgery

Telephone Guide :   foreign 062) 220-6488 
    The division of Vascular & Transplantation Surgery provides comprehensive care to patients with Vascular diseases, vascular trauma, vascular access for hemodialysis and organ(liver, kidney) transplantation. Our staffs have significant experience in traditional open vascular surgery and the use of minimally invasive endovascular procedures allowing them to care for a wide-range of vascular disease.

    Also, Vascular access and peritoneal access for chronic dialysis is also offered in conjunction with an outstanding Nephrology Division to round out the patient's option for renal replacement.

    Beginning with its first kidney transplantation in 1987 and first liver transplantation in 1996, we have developed a long list of successful organ transplant operations. Our transplantation services for kidney and liver offer an ideal model of specialty care that blends superior results and individual attention to patients with an unsurpassed commitment to community. Each patient is carefully screened and followed by an experienced team of surgeons, physicians, nurses, coordinators and social workers, with 24 hour availability.
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    • Choi, Su Jin Na
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    Vascular and Transplantation Surgery
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    • Lee, Ho Gyun
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    renal transplantation, liver trans..