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    Our department consist of three main subdivisions such as cerebrovascular disease, epilepsy-neurogenetics and disease of peripheral nerve and muscle.

    Cerebrovascular Disease
    The division of Cerebrovascular Disease is devoted to comprehensive management of patients with any abnormality of the brain resulting from a pathological process of the blood vessels. Pathologic process is given an inclusive meaning - namely, occlusion of the lumen by embolism or thrombus, rupture of a vessel, any lesion or altered permeability of the vessel wall, and increased viscosity or other change in the quality of the blood. This division is now studying perfusion CT as a useful tool for the detection of ischemic area. The aim of this study is to evaluate whether perfusion CT with diffusion-weighted MR images(DW-MRI) could detect ischemic penumbra of acute ischemic stroke.

    Epilepsy and Neuro-genetics
    The division of epilepsy and neuro-genetics is devoted to evaluation and treatment of patient with epilepsy and sleep disorders, and plays an outstanding role as epilepsy center in the city of KwangJu and the province of Chonnam. A current research interest of the division is molecular genetics for epilepsy, periodic paralysis, inherited ataxia, frontotemporal dementia, and neurocutaneous syndrome, etc.

    Disease of Peripheral Nerve and Muscle
    The division of disease of peripheral nerve and muscle is devoted to evaluation and treatment of patient with disease of peripheral nerves, cranial nerves, and neuromuscular junction, and also with myopathy, muscular dystrophy, and myotonic disorders. This division is now studying to determine the diagnostic values of orthodromic mental nerve-sensory nerve conduction study in mental nerve neuropathy.
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    • Cho, Ki Hyun
    Major :
    Stroke, Headache
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    • Kim, Myeong Kyu
    Major :
    Epilepsy, Headache, Sleep Disorder..
    • 김병채 profile picture
    • Kim, Byeong Chae
    Major :
    Neurodegenerative diseases (Alzhei..
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    • Park, Man Seok
    Major :
    Stroke. Demyelinating Disease, Hea..
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    • Lee, Seung Han
    Major :
    Neuro-otology, Neuro-ophthalmology..
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    • Choi, Seong-Min
    Major :
    Movement disorders, Neurodegenerat..
    • 김준태 profile picture
    • Kim, Joon Tae
    Major :
    Stroke, Headache, Dizziness
    • 남태승 profile picture
    • Nam, Tai Seung
    Major :
    Neuromuscular disease, Neurogeneti..
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    • Choi, Gang Ho
    Major :
    Stroke, Neuro-Physiology
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