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Endocrine Surgery

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    Thyroid cancer and thyroid diseases, parathyroid diseases
    The Department of Endocrine Surgery of Chonnam National University performed 5 cases of thyroid surgery in 1971 when operation records and patient charts were available, and 5,000 cases in 2005, and 10,000 cases as of 2010-04-19, and has performed 13,329 cases of thyroid surgery for 42 years until 2012. It includes, of course, both thyroid cancer and benign thyroid tumors. Thus, it is considered as one of the best thyroid center of national university hospitals with history and tradition that performed the most cases of thyroid surgery nationwide.

    With abundant experiences in the field for a long time, it has capacities for performing surgery on lateral lymph node metastasis and undifferentiated cancer, and anaplastic carcinoma that are considered as having difficulties in surgical treatment, and has also actively performed minimally invasive incision and endoscopic thyroidectomy. It also handles both primary and secondary parathyroid disorders, with good results aesthetically using minimally invasive incision.

    Test & procedure (thyroid, parathyroid) Thyroid ultrasound & fine needle aspiration, benign thyroid tumor surgery, cervical lymph node dissection, Cervical CT/MRI, PET/CT Thyroid cancer surgery (minimally invasive surgery, conventional open-cervical incision, endoscopic thyroidectomy) Robot endoscopic incision surgery, connected with Hwasun Hospital Isotope therapy for thyroid cancer (Department of Nuclear Medicine) Follow-up management after thyroid cancer surgery

    Breast cancer & breast related disorders
    It provides treatment for symptoms such as breast pain/breast lump/nipple secretion in addition to microcalcification found during health examination, and for benign disorders such as fibroadenoma and fibrocystic disease. For early diagnosis of breast cancer, ultrasound and biopsy can be performed as soon as possible; in case of breast cancer diagnosed, a surgical treatment is performed within 2 weeks in cooperation with Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital. In case of mastectomy, immediate reconstruction of breast is performed using autologous abdominal tissue or artificial structure.
    Test & procedure (breast)
    mammography, breast ultrasound & ultrasound-guided biopsy
    benign breast tumor surgery, breast microcalcification biopsy
    Breast & thoracic CT and MRI
    Breast cancer surgery & immediate reconstruction
    Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and hormone therapy for breast cancer

    Other endocrinological diseases
    cervical lymph node tumor, cervical lymphadenitis
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