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Plastic Surgery

Telephone Guide :   foreign 062-220-6368 
    Our laboratory conducts investigations into the following areas of interest :
    Microscopic change of the cleft lip/palate musculoskeleton
    Relationships of multiple cytokines in ischemia-reperfusion injury
    Perforator flap
    Keloid and Hypertrophic scar

    Our research programs range from the investigation of the congenital deformity at the cellular and molecular levels to clinical evaluations of operative strategies and techniques. Each effort is closely directed by staffs, with a wide participation of undergraduate, medical and postgraduate students, research fellows. All of the research are supported by an technician and the physical facilities. While most programs are primarily based within the research institute of clinical medicine, there is extensive collaboration with the rest of the university community at every level. Most of these programs are supported by the university hospital and other nationally recognized organizations and foundations. Currently, we are interested in the above items and any research related to implanted devices and tissue engineering and flap physiology could be encouraged.

    Information about specific programs could be obtained by calling on the department of plastic and reconstructive surgery. For general information, or for a referral to a specific program for educational or collaborative opportunities, please contact the Director of Plastic surgery at

    - Staff Office: 062-220-6363 FAX: 062-227-1639.
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    • Lee, Sam Yong
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    • Kim, Gwang Seok
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    upper & lower limb reconstruction,..
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    • Hwang, Jae Ha
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