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Emergency Medicine

Telephone Guide :   foreign 062-220-5555 
    the emergency medicine department of chonnam national university hospital perform overall in the field of heart disease(sudden cardiac arrest, congestive heart failure, acute myocardial infarction, arrhythmia etc.), chock, trauma, toxicology, environmental medicine and disaster.

    when out of cardiac arrest occur, 119 os 1339(emergency medical information center) call to our emergency center, and emergency medicine prepare before patients arrived and perform cardiopulmonary and brain resuscitation including hypothermia. emergency heart sonography enforce acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, shock patients. In trauma patients, We perform vital stabilization and imaging study with FAST, and assist emergency operation.

    in toxicologic department, we treat from drug addiction to addiction in the field of industry pesticide poisoning, animal, plant addiction(mushroom, tetrodotoxin). theat heat stroke, drowning, decompression sickness and carbon monoxied poisoning(hyperbaric oxygenation therapy by hyperbaric 02 chamber) in environmental medicine part.

    we will do our best to care always. thank you.
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