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    Currently, all the faculty members in the Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism are involved in some form of medical research or scholarship. The research performed within the group varies widely in both type and topic. The types of research span a continuum from basic science, to clinical investigation, to new drug trials. Topics of active study include diabetes, lipids, nutrition, bone and mineral metabolism, thyroid, pituitary, and cellular and molecular endocrinology.

    We offer a full range of educational opportunities and services to those who are interested in a career in endocrinology or its related fields. We also work to enhance and extend the knowledge of physicians, nurses and others who are already in professional practice.
    • 정민영 profile picture
    • Chung, Min Young
    Major :
    Diabetes mellitus, Lipid metabolis..
    • 정동진 profile picture
    • Chung, Dong Jin
    Major :
    Bone and mineral metabolism, Adren..
    • 정진욱 profile picture
    • Jeong, Jin Wook
    Major :
    Diabetes, Thyroid, Endocrinology a..
    • 조동혁 profile picture
    • Cho, Dong Hyeok
    Major :
    Obesity, Dyslipidemia, Diabetes, T..