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    The Department of Radiology performs both the basic and clinical research with specialization in the field of radiological sciences. The department carries a high level of various research by an interdisciplinary approach through the Research Institute of Medical Imaging in Radiology (RIMIR), which was founded in 1999 as a research center for radiological science in Chonnam National University Hospital. The RIMIR conducts specialized research teams to promote research activities in their specific fields: development of the cutting edge technologies for accurate diagnosis of various diseases with the aids of advanced image processing, clinical applications of molecular functional imaging and MR spectroscopy, development of stents and MR coils for interventional radiology and MRI system, applications of PACS and teleradiology for effective clinical care, and experiments with animal models. Also, the department provides the complete range of well-equipped research facilities including general radiology, ultrasound, CT, MRI, and interventional procedures using the state-of-the-art equipment.

    The major research fields done by the department staff members are as follows :
    1.Integrated research work that facilitates the application of emerging MR technologies to currently available imaging field, such as BOLD/ diffusion/ perfusion based functional MRI.
    2.Development of new diagnostic methodology from an experimental liver tumor by using up-to-date liver MR techniques and liver-specific MR contrast agents.
    3.Development of the pertinent model of Picture Archiving and Communications System for Chonnam National University Hospital.
    4.Development of Educational contents for the imaging modalities including CT, MRI and Ultrasonography.
    • 박진균 profile picture
    • Park, Jin Gyoon
    Major :
    Bone, Joint, Spine, and Soft Tissu..
    • 김재규 profile picture
    • Kim, Jae Kyu
    Major :
    Vascular/Interventional Radiology,..
    • 김윤현 profile picture
    • Kim, Yun Hyeon
    Major :
    Cardiopulmonary imaging and interv..
    • 윤웅 profile picture
    • Yoon, Woong
    Major :
    Interventional Neuroradiology, Dia..
    • 신상수 profile picture
    • Shin, Sang Soo
    Major :
    Abdominal Radiology
    • 임효순 profile picture
    • Lim, hyo Soon
    Major :
    Breast imaging, Thyroid imaging
    • 허숙희 profile picture
    • Heo, Suk Hee
    Major :
    • 김진웅 profile picture
    • Kim, Jin woong
    Major :
    abdominal imaging & ultrasound rad..
    • 임남열 profile picture
    • Yim, Nam Yeol
    Major :
    interventional radiology
    • 박일우 profile picture
    Major :