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CNUH has established and operated the Biomedical Research Institute to provide research space, facilities, equipments, and human resources needed for convenient laboratory environment for clinical researchers to perform studies and continuously publish excellent papers.

The Biomedical Research Institute was established in 1992 to promote the interdisciplinary development of Chonnam National University School of Medicine, Dentistry and Nursing, and to train researchers, and to promote the advancement of medical services and education through research outcomes of CNUH, and to contribute to the enhancement of the status of Chonnam National University. The Biomedical Research Institute is composed of Department of Planning & Management, Department of Research & Experiment, Department of Preclinical Tests & Clinical Trials Center to perform integrated researches from basic medical researches to clinical trials.

Organiziation Chart

  • Department of Planning & Management
    Our role is to support the administrative work and operation of the Biomedical Research Institute
  • Department of Research & Experiment
    The department is equipped with Central Laboratory, Bio Bank, Cell Culture Lab, Dark Room, FACS Lab, Low Temperature Lab, and Analytical Lab.
    The department lends common experimental instruments and laboratories to researchers and supports laboratory safety and security management, and operates the Bio Bank to systematically accumulate and manage the data and information obtained from living tissues and further to use these sources efficiently in the clinical research and basic research.
  • Department of Clinical Test
    The department has animal breeders and exclusive animal laboratories, supports the experiments of large and small animals, and holds history of animals workshop every year emphasizing the ethics for experimental animals.
  • Clinical Trials Center
    It is the best interest of CNUH CTC to promote international standards in clinical trials in accordance with the ICH GCP & KGCP(Clinical Trial Regulations) guidelines, and to support the development of clinical research by providing optimum research environment.

History of Biomedical Research Institute

History of Biomedical Research Institute
1991.07 - Establishment of the Clinical Research Center Preparation Committee
1991.10 - Agreement met on the establishment of the Chonnam National University Hospital branch Clinical Research Center
1992.08 - Opened as Clinical Research Center
1994.08 - Clinical research operation regulations established (Regulation No.62)
1997.03 - Designated as an institute for carrying out phase 2 and 3 clinical trials
2004.10 - Designated as an institute for carrying out phase 1 clinical trials
2005.05 - Selected as a regional clinical trial center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare
2005.06 - Designated as a Embryo Producing Medical Institution (The Ministry of Health & Welfare)
2006.01 - Establishment of the clinical trial center within the Clinical Research Center
2006.11 - Signed a clinical trial MOU with the Jeonnam Biotechnology Center
2007.06 - Signed a clinical trial MOU with ProCell Therapeutics, Inc.
2007.11 - Concluded MOU with the clinical research center at Kita-SAto University, Japan
- Acquired CNUH IRB FERCAP international certification
*FERCAP : Forum for ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific
- The IRB (Institutional Review Board) of CNUH was recognized by FERCAP (Forum for Ethical Review Committees in Asia and the Western Pacific Region) This recognition is the second among the national university hospitals.
2008.04 - Designated as an institute for carrying out clinical trials for medical equipment (The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety)
2009.01 - Registration of the clinical trial center CI service mark (The Korean Intellectual Property Office)
2009.11 - The establishment of gene bank was permitted (KCDC)
2010.11 - Designated as an alternative military service institute
Acquired IRB FERCAP international re-certification
2011.07 - CNUH - Concluded MOU with Gwangju Innopolis Tech-Biz Center
- CNUH - Concluded MOU with Korea Photonics Technology Institute at Gwangju
2012.03 - MOU signed between CNUH and Gwangju Technopark
- Name changed (Clinical Research Center --> Biomedical Research Institute)
2012.06 - CNUH - University of Bristol, UK held the Neuroscience Symposium
- Opening ceremony for the human organ bank
- Signboard reveiling ceremony of the Biomedical Research Institute
- Opening ceremony for the CNUH-GIST joint research center
- Opening ceremony for the Chonnam-Bristol Frontier Lab
2012.07 - Concluded MOU with the Beckman Center, USA
- MOU signed between CNUH and JW Holdings Corporation
2012.09 - MOU signed between CNUH and PPD Korea
2012.10 - MOU signed between CNUH and Dong-A Pharmaceutical Research Center