Chonnam National University Dental Hospital

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    • Started from the opening of a dental clinic at Chonnam University Hospital. The first pre-dentistry students entered CNUDH and the number of its departments expanded to 8. Our new dental hospital at CNU’s Yong-bong campus has treated patients since November, 2008. The hospital is 10 stories high and contains parking lots at the first basement level, which has a total floor area of 18,624㎡. The clinic departments are on the 1st to 4th floor. and there is also a restaurant on the 10th floor. Currently, the hospital has 150 employees including more than 100 dentists (clinical professors, resident doctors), and 50 support staffs (dental hygienists and administrative staffs). Our hospital has the most advanced treatment system for the patients in the country. Among our high-tech systems, all dental charts ard recorded on computer, based on the full PACS & EMR System. Additionally, the Professor Clinic Room offers patient-centered dental service.
    • Based on top-level medical equipment, our hospital retains operating microscopes, Neurometer CPT(which check pulpal vitality based on blood flow), endodontology microscopes (which analyze tooth color for esthetic prosthetic treatment), 5 laser treatment device (for effective soft tissue and hard tissue treatment such as gingivectomy), and dental cone beam CT2(which are for implant and high-resolution diagnostic equipment). In addition, we run a variety of specialized clinics such as endodontic clinics using microscopes, restorative and transplantation clinics, tooth graft clinics and periodontal tissue regeneration clinics for conservation of natural teeth, and periodontal regeneration therapy, sedation clinics for children and the disabled, clinics for oral and maxillofacial surgery for deformities of oral and maxillofacial area, adult orthodontic clinics, halitosis (bad breath) clinics, and clinics for sneezing and sleep apnea syndrome patients.