Trauma Center

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Trauma Center

Cardio-cerebrovascular Center

The CNUH was designated as trauma specialized [candidate] center by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in 2008 and the Trauma Center was established at the main hospital in 2010 and has been operated with the trauma center team of specialized doctors from each department since then.

Trauma can occur at any time and any place, which is particularly one of major causes of death in young populations and the biggest cause of disability, and trauma is a national problem to be definitely solved. Accordingly, the Trauma Center at our hospital has established a real-time treatment and operation system for trauma and played an important role in saving the life of people in emergency situations.

With the expectation of more interests and passion in the trauma treatment, the CNUH Trauma Center will try its best as a guard for the health and life of citizens to develop and activate the center by strengthening the center with advanced equipments and specialized human resources and through close cooperation with several organizations.


진료 및 접수 시간
Position/rank Name Note
Director Kim Tae-Seon
Head of medical treatment Kim Jeong-Cheol
Exclusive medical specialists Park Chan-Yong, Park Yun-Cheol Department of Trauma Surgery (concurrent position)
Jang Jae-Weon, Heo Hyeok Department of Neurosurgery (concurrent position)
Jeong In-Seok, Kim Nan-Yeol Department of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (concurrent position)
Seo Hyeong-Yeon, Kim Seong-Gyu, Cho Hyeon-Jong Department of Orthopedics (concurrent position)
Supporting medical specialists Ryu Hyeon-Ho, Lee Seong-Min, Jeong Yong-un Department of Emergency Medicine (concurrent position)
Kang Taek-Weon, Oh Gyeong-Jin Department of Urology (concurrent position)
Park Jang-Wan, Kim Jeong-Min Department of Plastic Surgery (concurrent position)
Im Nam-Yeol Department of Radiology (concurrent position)
Guk Min-Seok, Jeong Gwang Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (concurrent position)
Trauma Center coordinator 1 (Noh Sang-Mi - full time)
Information input 1 (Lee Se-Jeong - part time)
General administration Kim Gyeong-Jin (Department of Medical Administration)