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Title Chonnam National University Hospital opens the era of smart hospital
Writer manager Date 2012-11-15

Chonnam National University Hospital opens the era of smart hospital
Building 1 remodeling completed… the second leap with the most advanced system
Cultural space for exhibition and concert… new concept medical complex space

Chonnam National University Hospital opens the era of patient-oriented smart hospital.
Chonnam National University Hospital held the ceremony for completion of Building 1 remodeling on November 13, and determined to make a strong leap again as a refined hospital where patients can receive medical services easily, quickly, and conveniently in the most advanced digital era.

Chonnam National University Hospital is newly changed into a smart hospital system not only by combining the most advanced publicity system such as integrated information system and multi-vision through 1-year of construction, but also by establishing a kindness system including customer love call center that can quickly handle appointment and inquiry calls. Also, the lobby at Building 1 became larger and brighter, and can be extended to cultural space and facilities for arts, exhibition, and performance, to change the hospital into a new-concept medical complex space with true spirit of healing, in addition to a place for simple medical services.
Thus, Chonnam National University Hospital, with its 100 years of long history, sent up brilliant flares of the second-time opening as a smart hospital. In addition, it has prepared to take off for entering into the big 5 hospitals and a leading global hospital through active involvement in high level researches and high quality medical services.
The newly changed Building 1 looks brighter and larger in general, and is equipped with advanced digital total publicity system providing doctor's office or hospital ward information, waiting order for medical service and waiting time그, and various medical information.

First of all, the front part of Building 1 was changed to glass walls for bright and refined appearance. In particular, natural lighting is possible to eliminate a typical heavy and dark image of the hospital and to bring a bright and comfortable atmosphere like a hotel.
In the expanded lobby and clinic rooms, integrated general publicity system including huge multi-vision?touch-type information system?waiting status display?general bulletin board is established for various and helpful medical information. As the advanced information system is running, various acceptance business including reception and hospitalization?discharge procedures becomes faster, and people can easily find doctor's office or ward without the help of employee.

Also, gallery and performance space are prepared in the lobby for art exhibition and small concerts to use as a healing space for promoting emotional stability of patients.
On one side of the wall in the lobby, a large media art with the mood of reviving old pictures of our forefathers by a famous domestic artist was installed to create a soft atmosphere in general.
In addition, facilities and equipments are newly arranged for the elderly and the disabled for their convenient use. A see-through elevator exclusively for the first and second floors is installed in the lobby, and the stairs in front of the entrance was eliminated for patients on wheelchair and an entrance exclusively for wheelchair was made. In front of Building 1, fountains and flower roads were created like a park in the middle of the city for rest and relaxation of citizens.
While, Chonnam National University Hospital held a ceremony for remodeling completion at Myeong-Hak Hall and a tape-cutting ceremony at the lobby of Building 1.