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Title Excellent treatment in stroke · myocardial infarction
Writer manager Date 2012-12-20

Excellent treatment in strokeㆍmyocardial infarction
Chonnam National University Hospital receives incentives
HIRA announcement… 6 hospitals selected for both diseases

Chonnam National University Hospital was selected as a hospital with excellent treatment outcome for both acute stroke and acute myocardial infarction and received the incentive for hospital expenses.
On December 3, the HIRA announced that the incentive was provided to 77 hospitals nationwide in relation to those two diseases after the evaluation of ‘2012 Incentive Project’ which provides the incentive to hospitals with high-quality medical services. In particular, 6 hospitals including Chonnam National University Hospital were selected as excellent hospitals receiving incentives for both diseases.

For acute stroke, the evaluation was conducted by indexes that minimize the mortality or disability such as the current status of professional staffs for treating patients and initial diagnosis?treatment?secondary preventive treatment. For acute myocardial infarction, the evaluation was conducted by medical procedures such as proper operation for blood circulation through occluded cardiac blood vessels within a designated time and by treatment results using the mortality rate within 30 days of hospitalization.