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Title Chonnam National University Hospital, Professor Geun-bae Lee
Writer manager Date 2013-02-14

Chonnam National University Hospital, Professor Geun-bae Lee
Research papers included in the world-famous orthopedic textbook

Research papers on foot and ankle joint published by Professor Geun-bae Lee, Department of Orthopedics, Chonnam National University Hospital were included in the new edition of 2013 Campbell's Operative Orthopaedics, which is the world-renowned textbook in orthopedics.

'Campbell's' textbook is the most widely recognized world-famous textbook in orthopedics, and designated as an official must-read for the qualification test of physicians by The Korean Orthopaedic Association.

Research papers of Prof. Lee listed in the 'Campbell's' textbook include treatment for 'brachymetatarsia’, a newly recognized disorder in foot and ankle joint diseases and 'ectopic ossification’, one of complications developed after total ankle joint replacement arthroplasty, which were cited in detail.

It is expected that this outcome not only shows the international level of treatment and research in the foot and ankle joint center at Chonnam National University Hospital but also contributes the development of domestic medical researches.