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Title Bitgoeul Joint Center construction goes smoothly
Writer manager Date 2013-04-11

Bitgoeul Joint Center construction goes smoothly
67% completed in April… will be opened in September

The construction of Chonnam National University Hospital's rheumatoid & degenerative arthritis specialized center (Bitgoeul Joint Center) has been progressed smoothly. The Bitgoeul Joint Center is planning to open in September and about 67% of construction was completed as of April including interior construction and exterior finishing construction. About 150 construction related workers have worked very hard 8 hours a day everyday to keep up with the construction schedule at the construction site.
The Bitgoeul Joint Center was selected as a target hospital for the specialized disease center establishment project in October, 2008, and is now under construction within the Nodae-dong Bitgoeul Health Town for the Elderly. Also, the Joint Center has the building area of 4,746㎡ and the total ground area of 32,814㎡, with 5 stories above and 3 stories below the ground accommodating 216 beds. The Joint Center will have a total of 11 departments including major medical department · joint medical department · supporting medical department. Major medical departments include rheumatology · orthopedics · rehabilitation medicine · anesthesiology and pain medicine, and joint medical departments include gastroenterology · cardiology · nephrology, and supporting medical departments include radiology · laboratory medicine · pathology, and preventive medicine will be also operated.