Medical Achievement

    • Feb.14.2013.
      • Dr. Eun-Kyoo Song, the director of Chonnam National University Hospital, over 600 cases of successful robodoc artificial joint surgery
    • Jan.24.2013.
      • Chonnam National University Hospital, saved an extreme prematurity (23-week gestation, 570g), for the first time in Gwangju-Jeonnam region
    • Jul.09.2012.
      • Chonnam National University Hospital, by the team of Myeong-Gyu Kim, Seok-Yong Choi, and Tae-Seung Nam, investigated the cause of congenital paramyotonia
    • Jul.09.2012
      • First success of renal denervation for intractable hypertension in the Honam region
    • Dec.2011.
      • Heart Disease Center, over 1500 cases of experiment using porcine heart (1996~2011)
    • Oct.10.2011
      • Introduced Hyperpolarized 13C MRI, the first in Korea
    • Jan.06.2010
      • Development of cancer treatment/imaging complex using bacteria targeting for cancer , the first in the world (Department of Nuclear Medicine, Prof. Jeong-Jun Min and hist team)
    • Jun.02.2009
      • First in the world, the cause of natural killer cell dysfunction in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus was investigated (Department of Rheumatology, Prof. Yong-Uk Park and colleagues)
    • Mar.30.2009
      • Accomplishment of 300 cases of successful kidney transplantation for the first time in Honam · Chungcheong regions
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