National health service

Hakmaeul Volunteering Group

    • The Hakmaeul volunteering group was formed on the 28th of June, 2002, in an effort to lend a hand to patients and unfortunate neighbors in need. The group is composed of Chonnam National University faculty members, Chonnam National University Hospital & Chonnam National University Hwasun Hospital, Chonnam National University Dental Hospital, and other external institute members.

  • Purpose
    • To lend a helping hand to all of those in need
  • Project details
    • - Volunteer medical service
    • - Supporting medical fee for those economically in need
    • - Raising funds
    • - Other patient welfare projects
  • More Info
    • - Establishment: June, 2002
more info
2003 - Supported undernourished children, provided volunteer medical service at Haeuido
- Agreement on installing emergency telephone lines for women, and free medical examinations for victims of domestic violence
2004 - Free food services (goodneighbors)
- Performance of encouragement at Sohwa Seong ga jeong
2005 - Free food services (goodneighbors)
- Performance of encouragement at Veronica's house
2006 - Free food services (goodneighbors)
- Performance of encouragement at Sharon's house, Dong-gu Elder's Center, Sohwajamaewon
2007 - Performance of encouragement at Cheonhye Elder's Center, Aeyukwon, Cecilia Nursing Home, Hyeonbidongsan
- 10 teenager scholarships were given out
- Agreement on medical services with 5 district offices of Gwangju-si and Hwasun County Office
2008 - Performance of encouragement at Seongbinyeosa, Mudeung Orphanage, Nazareth's house, Himangwon
2009 - Performance of encouragement at the Immigrate Women Center and the Sharing House
- Establishment of sisterhood with Hyeongjaesa (a children's protection facility located in Bongseon-dong Nam-gu)
2010 - Performance of encouragement at the Cecilia Nursing Home and Hyeonbidongsan
- New Year's donations to low income patients
2011 - Performance of encouragement at Sorokdo, protection facilities for the disabled, the House of Little Jesus
- Encouragement performances for patients suffering from Hansen's disease in Sorokdo
2012 - Performance of encouragement at Hyeongjaesa and the House of Hope
- Agreement with Cheonjin Transportation Company on donation of 1 million Won per month for two years. (Total donation of 24 million Won)
2013 - Performance of encouragement at Hyeongjaesa, the Support Center for Foreign Workers, and Hwasun Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA)

Social Work Team

  • What is medical social welfare?
    • Patients and their family members not only suffer from the disease itself, but also other psychological, social, financial, and familial problems as well. Medical social welfare offers consultation for patients and family members in order to easen these burdens.
  • What does a medical social worker do?
    • General hospitals employ medical social workers whom offer consultation for patients and their family members in order to ease or solve their psychological, social, and financiall problems.
    • Psychosocial support
    • Offers consultation for patients and their family members on psychologica and social problems, such as family issues, fear of disease, changes in social status and financial trouble.
    • Financial support
    • Offers consultation for patients/families that cannot afford to pay for treatment, and makes assessments on eligibility for government funds.
    • Rehabilitation support
    • Offers consultation for disabled patients on areas such as occupational rehabilitation, education, social adjustment, disabled registration, disabled pensions, and industrial accident-related medical policies.
    • Post-discharge planning
    • Offers consultation for patients and their families on problems such as psychological fear, social adjustment, and housing problems following discharge.
    • Connection with local resources
    • Offers consultation for single mothers and foster parents, while also connecting patients with local resources such as occupational training facilities, free nursing facilities, and services that can cover medical expenses.
    • What should I do if I want consultation?
    • - Patients can receive consultation by making reservations through the telephone.
      * Social Work Team (Tel. +82-220-5095, 6908, 6910)
    • - Ask medical staff members (doctors, nurses) for arrangement with medical social workers
    • - Direct visit (2F, Hospital building No.1)
    • - Arrangement through local social institutes (Social welfare centers, district offices and public health centers)
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